Earth Mother

Lately I’ve been lost in a conversation of very palatable fear about our environment. I’m not an activist by title, and I’m not a huge subscriber to environmental groups. But, I am a mother, who will do anything to ensure the best life for her children. When I allow myself to really think about the state of nature, and the health of our globe, fear is almost consuming. It’s so easy for us to ignore the reality day to day, but it is a reality our children will not have the luxury of avoiding. So, what should we do? 

I see myself often as a tender. A tender of humans, a tender of space. But, I’m extending myself now to be a tender of the planet. And I encourage..I urge..other mothers to do the same. Parents are catalysts - I’ve written this before. We are the most motivated of all to make things better. And usually the most motivated people get it done. So, let’s do it. Let’s do the best we possibly can for the health and well-being of our children. 

Recycle. Compost. Stop using plastic bags. Choose cars based on function and environment. Be mindful of the packaging in each of your grocery items. Buy secondhand clothing and toys. Take a walk in the woods. Take your kids to trails. Camp with them. Allow them to develop an appreciation for nature, so that they are also invested in its wellbeing. 

Please, from one mother to another, help me protect my children.