Seasonal Affective

Spring has arrived in Minnesota. The ground is thawing, the snow piles are dwindling, and the birds are eating! My soon to be sister-in-law gifted me a nature journal for Christmas this year and it’s made me notice more of what’s going on in the elements and in the seasonal transitions. Through the journal experience, I’ve been often noticing the correlation between the animals in my backyard and our habits as people in the seasons. It’s helped me feel more supported in my own living too. This winter, as I felt the lull of the season drag on, I would force myself to take a self care walk in the woods, and I inevitably noticed what the animals were doing. In a season that I would normally try to climb out of my lazy, depressive, seasonal affective state, the animals were a reminder to embrace the state; To really be with it by allowing myself to be snuggly and quiet, to be shielded from the natural elements by my home, and to tend to the needs my body called for- mainly, rest. And now, with the arrival of spring, I’m feeling the energy by witnessing the busy squirrels, the emerging of turkeys in our backyard, and the returning of geese and birds from their winter retreats. Watching the squirrels scrounge for leftover acorns they buried last fall and playfully chase each other through the trees, has reminded me to stay with myself in the new season of lighthearted energy. The thing we as people tend to do with this new energy is overextend ourselves the second it arrives. The animals don’t. They prioritize work and nourishment as they grow their families, and they intertwine playful energy into that priority. Around the time the sun begins to set, the animals get quiet, returning to their nests. They rest still and harness the energy the season has brought to their being- using it wisely and intentionally. I’m working, this season, with trying to do the same. 

We are infusing our home with spring this weekend- adding little pops of color throughout, cracking a window when it feels refreshing, peeling a mandarin for that sweet, anticipatory smell, stopping to listen when the geese fly over our roof, and changing our diets to include radishes, peas, mint and dill. Spring is here friends, let’s honor it well.