Dear Neighbor

Dear Neighbor,

I see you.  

I see you corralling your daughters and carrying your baby to the car for a 5 minute drive to the bus stop for head start.  I see the pride your daughter carries her backpack with. I hear her when she tells me she's going to be a doctor someday. I see that education is important to you.

I see you coming home in the morning from your night shift at the hospital, only to be sitting on the deck nursing your infant and supervising your daughters playing in your yard hours later.  I see how hard you work for your home and family.

I see you leave for work on Saturday morning, only to return home that evening and help your oldest daughter learn to ride her bike while walking to the park down the street.  I see how much family means to you.

I hear your invitations to come over anytime, or let you know if I need help with our new baby.  I see your genuine care for your neighbors and community.

I see you host your visiting family for months at a time, while they make the visit to the United States.  I see how much your children love their grandparents and great-grandparents when they visit, and I see your tears when they get in the car with their luggage.

I see you family gather when the Shaman comes to visit.  I see the effort you make to host them, in your beautiful clothing and delicious smelling feasts.  I see the sacredness in those gatherings, and I see that spirituality and religion are important to you.

I see how you live day to day, and it makes me think about my family a few generations ago, who also came to this country because they loved their family and valued the same things you do.  I see that we are both immigrants, just at different times.

I see you.   Because you are my community. 

And we both belong here.